A Q U A R I U M     H O T E L                                                

Muli functional Sport Hall

Multi functional Sport Hall of «Aquarium Hotel» provides opportunities for:
  • Running of the competition in team and individual kind of sport;
  • Running of the training events in team and individual kind of sport;
  • Rent of tennis courts;
  • Running of widespread corporate events and banquets, with using sport facilities of the Hall;
  • Running of conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations, briefings;
  • Organization of banquet, stand-up meal and ceremonies;
  • Organization of entertaining and thematic programs;
  • Running of exhibitions, forums and demonstrations;
  • Running of advertising videos and films.

Technical characteristics of the Multi functional Hall:

  • The total area is 18 000 m2;
  • The ceiling high 8, 8 m. 
  • The tribunes stores more than 2000. Total numbers of seats is 1664.  
  • The main area is 24,2х51,0 m.
  • Additional training area is 22х42 m.
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Electronic display 4,5 х3,0 m.
  • Illumination of the main area is 1400 lux.
  • Equipment for the event broadcasting in internet.
  • The demountable stage is 6х4х0,8 m. 
  • Separates toilets for the guests and event participants. 
  • The coffee bar has 400 seats. 
  • Cloakroom for the event participants. 
  • Locker rooms, shower cubicles, luggage room and cloakrooms for the participants of the sport competition (to 1000 people).
  • Medical office.

Different kinds of sport that require events:

  • Mini-football;
  • Sports and ballroom dancing;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Handball;
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis;
  • Fencing;
  • Rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Boxing;
  • Wrestling;
  • Sambo;
  • Judo;
  • Karate;
  • Different types of martial arts;
  • Badminton;
  • Fitness-aerobics;
  • Yoga;
  • Chess and intellectual sports.